The Ultimate In-Depth Guide To Shopping For A New Baby 2019

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Newborn Baby Shopping List Comprehensive Guide

This is a comprehensive list of everything you will need to buy for your baby’s first six months to save you time, money, and energy. You will need it for your new baby! If you are a new mom or dad this list is for you.

If you do not see an item listed then you probably won’t need it.

Are there lots of items you can buy that are “wants”? Of course. You can buy peepee teepees (a real thing), a Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon, a Portable Air Purifier with special attachment for your stroller, and an Owlet Baby Monitor Sock.

If you are a new parent on a very limited budget or you simply dislike waste and having unnecessary items taking up space in your home then this list is for you.

If you have a preemie or twins or another unique situation, or live in cold weather you may have further needs for items not on this list including medical equipment and special monitors, down feather jackets and pants, etc. This list is a comprehensive newborn baby shopping list for most single baby delivery situations.

If you want to buy these items elsewhere such as OfferUp, where if you don’t mind used baby goods, will find amazing prices on a lot of the items on this list, you can go to the products-only list and print it for your convenience.

Btw, if you haven’t created your baby registry yet, go ahead and register for yours now. It will make all of the web searches you are doing much more productive.

Amazon and Target are the best baby registries you can use, the major difference between them being that Amazon has a wider selection with returns up to 90 days and Target has less selection (but a universal registry option) and allows in store returns for a full year.

1. Baby Bottle Nipples

Enfamil Slow Flow Soft Nipples 12 pack

enfamil soft rubber nipples slow flow

You’re going to need baby bottle nipples that your baby will accept. The bottles you buy will come with their own brand of nipples but your baby may not take to them.

Your baby is going to be choosing the bottles you use because he or she will only like or “take to” certain nipples.

Not every nipple fits on every bottle so nipples get determined first.

There are so many different nipple styles. Some are sort of a rounded boxy shape at the end to mimic mommy’s nipples. Some are more bulbous or round at the tip.

For me the nipples that work best for my baby are the Enfamil soft rubber nipples and Dr. Brown’s silicone nipples.

I started on the Enfamil nipples and tried some others unsuccessfully. The slow flow of the Enfamil nipples is perfect for a newborn baby.

Some of the so called slow flow nipples aren’t slow enough and your baby will have a hard time with them.

Too much milk will get into his or her mouth all at once and your baby will cry and choke a bit on the milk and you will know right away the flow isn’t right.

These Enfamil nipples fit the Medela and Evenflo bottles I have recommended below. They also fit the Dr. Brown’s bottles.

With anti-colic bottles like Dr Brown’s, the anti-colic stem is not attached to the nipple so if your baby doesn’t like those nipples then you can use other ones. The Dr. Brown’s nipples are silicone nipples which is also a great choice.

As a side note, when your baby is drinking out of a bottle with a nipple that does not have an air-release system, like Dr. Brown’s and some others have, your baby will be drinking milk against a vacuum (harder to get milk out).

If you buy these Enfamil nipples you’ll need a few sets since they’re disposable. You don’t need to throw them away after each use but they start to get softer and that’s when you can open a fresh one. If you decide on these nipples you should be okay with three packs of 12.

The come individually sealed so you can just open a new one when you’re ready. You must always still wash with a little soap and water before giving it to your baby however.

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