The Hits (And Misses) Of Lauren Conrad’s Amazon Baby Registry

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I’m a longtime lover of Lauren Conrad’s work in fashion and style. Every time I am shopping and I see a shirt that is Lauren Conrad brand, I am pretty sure it will end up looking super cute on me.

When I saw that she released her Amazon Baby Registry I had to go see right away what were her top picks. Lauren already has one child and I was looking forward to seeing the veteran mommy purchases of a style powerhouse. While she does honestly declare that many of her selections are as of yet untested by her, she does have mommy experience.

Here is a list of her top picks and what our takes are on her best new baby shopping recommendations. Did she nail it or will she be making returns like the rest of us?

If you don’t have an Amazon Baby Registry yet, go here and create yours now. Then all of the links below can be easily added to your registry, and when you see what you like, you can just add it right then and there.


The Ava Dresser w/ Changing Top that Lauren chose is pretty much the perfect changing table. It was listed on POPSUGAR as an Amazon’s best nursery furniture item. The only comment we have is that it is really nice to have a changing table that is on casters, however if you are going for a solid dresser and changing table combo, then hers is an excellent pick.

This table does sit in a mid-range price point. If you are looking for one that is more budget friendly and does indeed have casters, check out our recommendation for the best back and budget friendly changing table.

Lauren chose Water Wipes as her baby wipes of choice. We here at agree that as far as wipes go, these are definitely the wipes of choice.

These wipes are the best because they don’t have any chemical cleaning additives and won’t introduce any toxicity onto your beautiful newborn’s delicate skin.

You will go through about a pack of wipes per week and possibly more. If you are adding these to your registry, add 5-8 cases. That should last you until your baby is about 6 months.

As an alternative to wipes, a suggestion made by the pediatrician at the hospital my son was born in, was to buy Viva Select A Size Paper Towels and keep them next to a sports squeeze bottle filled with water. I used this method and avoided buying wipes for my son until he was a year old. Once he started daycare I was forced to buy wipes and now the Water Wipes are the ones I buy.

I will say that having Water Wipes does seem to use less paper product overall and seems less wasteful environmentally than the paper towels, at least for me. I inevitably use more paper towels than I need and more paper product is thrown away which I don’t like. The downside to wipes is that they can harbor bacteria, even unopened packages. They also cost more than the Viva paper towels.

We love the Honest brand diaper rash cream that Lauren chose for her Amazon Baby Registry List. It uses non-nano zinc oxide which prevents too-tiny particles getting into your baby’s skin.

Unfortunately for discarding the poos, we new parents don’t have any perfect solution. If you are the parent of a diaper using baby, then you will need a diaper pail. The drawback of these things is that you have to purchase refill packs which are not cheap, and basically make you feel like you are being robbed every time you buy them. Also, the bags fill up quickly. Double also, and this has been discussed in other blog posts of mine, that the throw away hole at the opening of the Diaper Genie is too small.

For those reasons recommends you simply purchase this genius item which is what works in my home and does not stink. Bonus! You can just buy regular trash bags instead of expensive diaper pail refills.

I’m sorry to say that as far as diaper choices go, I am dismayed at Lauren’s top choice. While Pampers is an excellent brand we love and trust, we feel that parents of any budget should go a step above and always purchase the healthiest diapers available. This includes diapers that are healthy for the environment.

While we understand most parents cannot stomach the rituals of cloth diapers, we know of better brands out there that are healthier and better for the environment- on the cheap! Welcome to Amazon’s own brand Mama Bear Diapers. They are gentle on skin, free of fragrance and elemental chlorine, and use natural rubber latex. I use these diapers at home and they are eligible for one day delivery most of the time.

If you have a higher budget and can afford even more attention to healthfulness in your diapers, you can also experiment with Andy Pandy, Bambo, and if you’d like to stick to buying your diapers at the grocery store, please purchase Pampers Pure or Seventh Generation.

Going Out With Baby

We absolutely love the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller in “Emmet” that Lauren selected for her registry. You can purchase this stroller also in a lovely blue, black, and charcoal.

She opted on a polka dot motif Chicco Keyfit infant car seat to go with it but we feel you may as well purchase the UPPAbaby car seat in the travel bundle and can have more interoperability.

While the Chicco Keyfit is the number one rated car seat, the inconvenience of not being able to use the carseat with the stroller may not be worth what is probably a very nominal difference in safety, if any. Not to mention you get to take advantage of the travel bundle if you go ahead and buy the UPPAbaby car seat.

Of course, there are many other options for strollers that we like also including the significantly more affordable Evenflo Pivot which includes a pram feature in the stroller so you don’t need an extra piece.

Stroller/Car Seat Cover

I noticed Lauren didn’t recommend a stroller or car seat cover and I wanted to mention that I also think it’s an optional item. I found an oversized t-shirt to be a perfect car seat cover for my setup and you can also probably use the same cloth you decide on as a nursing cover to work double duty. Btw, a blanket does all of these items well. I would like to suggest the perfect oversized organic cotton muslin baby blankets.


When your baby is between 0-6 months, many parents opt for co-sleepers and bassinets over a crib. That’s because mamas tend to want their teeny new babies to be close to them where they can see them when they’re sleeping. Not every parent can have their babies in bed with them in a co-sleeper, so the bassinet would be the next best option.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is, if you can’t yet tell, a luxury nursery item. You can check the current price on Amazon here and for some blessed mommies and daddies, you will be able to enjoy its many features including roll prevention which helps keep your baby on his or her back.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is designed to add 1-2 more hours of sleep for your infant with technology that helps soothe your baby back to sleep with white noise, gentle rumbling and rocking.

For the masses you will probably need a more affordable bassinet and will want to look out for certain features in the ones you are considering.

A few features we like to see in a bassinet are casters, mesh walls, and a size that is long enough to grow a little in. This is an item that your baby will be growing out of within 4-6 months depending on which sleeper you decide on. We don’t recommend spending hundreds extra for special sounds or lights. Most of the sounds on bassinets are very annoying midi samples and the lights are basically useless.

We approve of the non-toxic, Serta Innerspring Greenguard Gold certified crib mattress that Lauren recommended on her baby registry. Greenguard Gold certified recognizes products with low chemical emissions, contributing to improved indoor air quality. They are made with CertiPUR-US approved foams, which are made without PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals.

The Serta innerspring crib mattress is a healthy, practical, even budget friendly choice. Check current price on Amazon here.

Even so, for crib mattresses, we recommend forking out additional funds on a Newton Crib Mattress (or similar) which is a truly breathable option. This is an item your baby will not be outgrowing in the short term and is worth the extra money because your baby will be safer and more comfortable for the first years of her/his life.


I can definitely see why Lauren chose the Comotomo baby bottles. They are silicone, soft to touch, and wide-neck for easy cleaning. I too purchased this set and expected to marvel in the experience of bottle feeding with these bottles.

Unfortunately, my son would not take to these nipples and thus the bottles were useless as no other nipples fit these bottles.

I also did not like the silicone bag feeling of feeding with these bottles. For me, the one holding the bottle, it felt like holding a silicone implant in my hand.

If you like the concept behind these bottles, I recommend you buy the Boon NURSH baby bottles instead. They have a sleeve around the silicone bag and you can buy them in more fun colors.

I like that Lauren also talked about the Natursutten Glass Bottles which use natural rubber and borosilicate glass. They are a very healthy option for drinking, the downside being cost, weight, and your baby drinks against a vacuum.

If you don’t know what that is, it is when your baby is sucking liquid out of a container without an air vent and so has to suck harder. The Dr. Brown’s 4oz bottle sets are a good option if you go the plastic bottles route.

Lauren recommended the Philips Avent Baby Bottle Warmer which as far as bottle warmers go, is a good option.

I do not recommend a bottle warmer usually because people warm up plastic bottles with formula usually and I don’t like the idea of heating up plastic which will help it leach into the milk. Unless you are using stainless steel bottles I do not recommend a bottle warmer. Also, unlike breastmilk, formula isn’t supposed to be heated which most moms to be won’t find out until they have already purchased this item.

Infant Hygiene

I have to disagree with Lauren on her choice for nasal aspirators. I have seen many moms recommend this product and I must say I was not as impressed as they seemed to be.

I purchased the Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator and found it much more complicated and less effective than a clear silicone nose bulb. The NoseFrida requires you to suck the snot out of your baby’s nose which as it turns out, requires you to have strong lungs. You also have to buy filters for it, requiring additional future purchases.

The Innovo Hospital Grade Silicone Nose Bulb separates into two pieces allowing for very easy cleaning and also is very easy to use and has the perfect amount of suction to get the boogies out.

Lauren chose the Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub and I can see the logic behind this product. It collapses. It’s soft and flexible. It’s perfect size for baby.

Well, Lauren, I’m sorry to say, you will not be washing your baby in the kitchen sink with this tubby. You will either be sloshing water around the counter, having to use a sink hose, or washing your baby in this, inside your tub, on your knees, which hurts.

May I recommend the absolutely genius Munchkin Sit and Soak baby bathtub? I love this tubby so much and unfortunately didn’t find it until my babe was about 7 months old. He is now a little over a year and I still get to wash him in the sink in this bathtub. It is truly the perfect tub and holds exactly the right amount of water, sits perfectly in even a small sink, and the clever rubber drain doubles as a toy my baby likes to play with when I try to drain the water. Of course, it doesn’t collapse, and that is a drawback. However the pros far outweigh the one con. I really can’t say enough good things about this tub! Buy it and you will not be sorry! I tried several other bathtub solutions and they were all fails.

Nursing Gear

I also purchased this Medela Breast Pump when I delivered my son and was very happy to find out it could be purchased directly from Medela with my health insurance. That was a deciding factor for me along with seeing many other moms online recommend it.

If I could do it all over again, I would definitely NOT buy this breast pump, or any other system that isn’t an in-the-bra Willow system. I could not afford to spend as many hours per day in private with suction cups hooked to my chest while tied down to a wall outlet and so many cords to clean I couldn’t stand the process. I would instead spend the money or figure out how to get the Willow Breast Pump with their financing or my insurance.

You will make more breast milk and help to insure the steady flow of milk production if you buy the Willow pump. My breast milk dried up too quickly and I was really sad about it. I didn’t know at the time about the Willow pump and if I had I probably would have been able to breast feed much, much longer.

Lauren also recommended the Medela pump compatible breast pumping bra by Simple Wishes. Please do not torture yourself with this flawed system of pumps and bras. Most of these bras have open holes where the pump cones go and when you remove the cones your nipples stick straight out of the bra. What do you do then? Change? Again? And then change again? No thanks.

If you have to own a pump that does not sit inside your own bra, consider a clip down nursing bra. You can wear it just like your other bras and turn the clip downward when you’re ready to hook back up to your pump.

I like this hands free nursing bra by Daisity (or similarly designed).

Wrapping Up

We had a great time browsing through Lauren Conrad’s Amazon baby registry and can see her keen eye for quality items that provide beauty and function. Of course, we didn’t review every single item on her Amazon Baby Registry list but we wanted to go over some of the bigger items and staples that we felt warranted a little more discussion.

I also personally love her choices for play and learning including her book choices by Eric Carle who is my favorite baby toy designer. You can easily see from her thoughtful choices that she has learned a few tricks along the way in her mommy journey.

For those of you who are also interested in all the fresh new baby tracking and monitors available, you can learn more about her choice of baby cam, the Cocoon Cam Plus Baby Monitor. We also feel a lot of good vibes toward the Owlet baby cam and Owlet baby monitoring systems.

Do you have any items that you feel you couldn’t live without as a new mom? What products were revolutionary in your home? Let us know in the comments what worked for you and what didn’t.

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